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January 31, 2021
How to Know What You’re Getting When You Buy Industrial/Commercial HVAC Equipment
January 31, 2021

Business owners of all sizes have more important issues to deal with than spending hours trying to determine what contractor to deal with for their HVAC needs. You are an expert in your business; you should not have to be an expert in industrial HVAC. With that said ignoring HVAC needs or making the wrong choice could have a major impact on the success of your business from worker productivity to the quality of the product and/or service you provide.

In this week’s blog post we have provided tips to help business owners choose the right contractor for their company so they can operate as effectively and efficient as possible.

1. Use a contractor that has experience for the type of job you need done.

Not all industrial / commercial spaces are created equal. Some jobs are fairly basic while others can be much more complex and different industrial processes create different HVAC challenges. For this reason it is important that the contractor you entrust with your HVAC needs has experience working in your specific type of space and operation. For example, a facility that includes paint booths requires higher outside air intake in those areas. A facility with large overhead doors that are opened and closed throughout the day as materials come in and out can have significant heating challenges.

The importance of using a contractor that is in tune with the type of equipment your job requires cannot be understated.

2. Use a contractor that understands Total Cost of Ownership.

Buying equipment from a big name manufacturer out of a catalog may cost less initially, but its warranty may not cover issues that arise because of a particular facility’s processes. If machines produce dirty exhaust, a cookie cutter unit may not be designed to handle that type of polluted air. This exhausted air may cause filters to clog rapidly or the system to shut down completely leaving you with expensive repairs not covered by the warranty because this was not the unit’s “intended use.” In an effort to win the job it is not uncommon for contractors to install cheaper equipment that ultimately is not up to the task of effectively heating or cooling your commercial or industrial space. A quality contractor will understand that the cheapest alternative is not always the best alternative. As a business owner it would be wise for you to not immediately dismiss the contractor who quotes a higher price.

3. Be wary of residential HVAC contractors who are now doing industrial HVAC work.

While some contractors do both residential and industrial HVAC work many only have experience with residential. Do some research on what kind of experience the contractor has. Why not just call the local HVAC team that did such a great job on your home heating and cooling system? Because residential HVAC is very different from industrial HVAC. Beware of the residential HVAC contractor who recently started taking on commercial and industrial jobs as a way to boost sales when the housing market slowed down. In short, use a contractor with a long history of industrial HVAC successes. A quality industrial HVAC contractor shouldn’t hesitate to provide testimonials from happy clients with businesses similar to yours.

4. Ensure the equipment manufacturer your contractor will choose has strong customer service and a local representative in your region.

While you may never have an issue if your system is properly installed you want to be in a situation to quickly bounce back if an issue does arise. Architects and design engineers may also want to consult with a local representative if your commercial space is expanded to discuss how the heating and cooling will be affected.

Heed these four tips when choosing an industrial HVAC contractor for your business and it will save you much lost time and frustration down the road.

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