Titan Air Unit Accessories

Below you can find general information on typical unit accessories that accompany Titan Air air-handling equipment. Additional photos of typical accessories can be found in the "photo gallery" tab above.

Fresh Air Intake Hoods

Titan Air offers different styles of fresh air intake hoods for use with various applications.  Intake hoods are typically shipped loose for field installation.

Intake & Discharge Dampers

Intake or discharge dampers are typically shipped loose for field installation and wiring.   There are various options available such as low leak features, special coatings or special construction materials such as stainless steel or aluminum.   Ideally discharge dampers should be mounted at least 3 equivalent duct diameters away from the air handler.

Filter Sections

There are various types of filters available in a V-bank or flat panel configuration There is a wide range of filters available from low grade cleanable filters all the way up to high efficiency cartridge or bag type filters Some applications require a combination of different efficiencies.


When choosing higher efficiency filters, one should seriously consider the use of a backward incline or airfoil fan in place of the standard forward curve fan These specialty fans are recommended so the customer is able to get full use of the filter capacity while maintaining the same CFM level of air delivered. Forward curve fans will experience reduced performance when high efficiency filters load up. Reduced airflow could adversely affect a customer’s operation or process.


It is important for the installer to adequately support all filter sections that are shipped as loose items.

Direct Evaporative Cooling

Roof Curbs

Flat roof curbs are typically shipped unassembled and uninsulated. Standard flat curbs are 18 inches high and are available for all standard unit models. Taller flat curbs, (24” high), are available for TA-109 through TA-230 unit models.


Pitched curbs that are 18 inches high are available for TA-109 through TA-230 model sizes. Taller pitched curbs are not available.

Download Roof Curb PDF Specification Sheet.

Download PITCHED Roof Curb Selection Sheet.

Discharge Diffusers

There are numerous options available for discharge diffusers.  Discharge diffusers are shipped loose for field installation.  The directional blades supplied with each diffuser are to be adjusted at the jobsite to direct the air where needed and then permanently fastened.  Ideally diffusers should be mounted at least 3 equivalent duct diameters away from the air handler.  It is important for the installer to adequately support each diffuser. Box Type Diffusers are typically used for down discharge, roof top mounted air handlers.

Service Platforms

Standard VRH Units only require a service platform on the blower section. Consult Titan Air for more information. Service platforms can also incorporate filter access on horizontal units. (Filter section must be attached to AMU). Any INDOOR hanging units must utilize a bottom cradle (by others).

Additional Unit Options