Industrial and Commercial Make-Up Air Units

Titan Air's Make-Up Air Unit

Titan Air's line of air handlers are designed for commercial and industrial applications with custom designs, options, and controls available to meet your requirements. We also offer a wide variety of heating and cooling options with packaged combinations available, such as the Packaged Direct-Fired and DX Cooling.


Direct-Fired Make Up Air
Indirect-Fired Make Up Air
Electric Make Up Air
Packaged DX Cooling Equipment
Direct Evaporative Cooling
Steam Equipment
Chilled Water Equipment
Hot Water Equipment

Titan Air's air handlers are designed using a conservative application of blower manufacturer's design recommendations to meet a customer's specific requirements. You can be assured of proper airflow without paying for an undersized or oversized "standard" unit. Multiple configurations and fan types are available to meet your requirements. Mixing boxes, filter sections, hoods, and additional accessories can be added to the fan air handlers. Units can be mounted indoor or outdoor on curbs, on stands, or on concrete pads. Custom construction and accessories are also available for special applications. Some examples include corrosion resistant construction and high efficiency HEPA or odor control carbon filters.


Below are standard arrangements. Additional custom arrangements are available upon request.

Titan Make-Up Air Arrangements

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Contact one of our sales engineers and we will work with you to custom design our equipment to fit your exact requirements. or 715-597-2050

Titan Air is continuously improving their product lines, therefore all dimensions are subject to change without notice. Contact the factory for construction purpose drawings.