Indirect Fired Air Turnover Systems

Titan Indirect Fired Air Turnover System in Cold Spring, MN

Titan Air's Indirect Fired Air Turnover systems are designed to heat large open areas for commercial and industrial applications. These units do not require outside air, so no intake duct work is required, allowing for location flexibility and ease of installation.

Titan Air's line of Custom Equipment is designed for commercial and industrial applications with custom designs, options, and controls available to meet your requirements. If you have an applications where off the shelf just will not cut it, give us a call and we can custom design equipment to fit your requirements.


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Air Turnover units manufactured by Titan Air decrease stratified air within a facility and minimalize fuel costs by recirculating air from floor to ceiling. Air Turnover units provide constant circulation for employee comfort and building interior condensation reduction. Air Turnover units also have the following advantages:

  • No additional rooftop support required.
  • Rooftop penetrations can be avoided, lowering the change of leaks.
  • Ductwork is not required, lowering overall costs and installation time. 
  • Indoor or outdoor installation is available. 
  • Cooling options are available. 

Discharge Plenum Extension

Titan Air's Air Turnover Units are designed specifically to recirculate the air from floor to ceiling, creating a uniform temperature throughout. Whether your building is 20 feet, 40 feet or even higher, Titan Air's discharge extension allows versatility for the Air Turnover unit reaching any height to create maximum comfort.  


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Non-Tempered Drawings

Our extensive standard product lines can meet most application requirements, but if you have a unique application or requirement, our product lines can be customized to fit your needs. Titan Air's custom equipment offers flexible performance, construction, components, and controls to meet your specifications and special requirements.

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Contact one of our sales engineers and we will work with you to custom design our equipment to fit your exact requirements. or 715-597-2050

Titan Air is continuously improving their product lines, therefore all dimensions are subject to change without notice. Contact the factory for construction purpose drawings.