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Direct Evaporative Cooling Products

Titan Air offers this cooling product line as either shipped loose accessories or built into an air handler. Either of these options are available for commercial, industrial, or custom applications. If you have specific dimensions required because of jobsite space or clearance requirements we can build custom sizes to meet your requirements. Evaporative coolers come with high quality construction and components. We also design our equipment with energy efficiency and serviceability as a main focus. Standard equipment is available from 800-30,000 CFM, custom construction allowing higher CFM is also available.

Evaporative Cooling Effectiveness

The performance of an evaporative cooler is based on the ratio of the number of degrees it can cool the air compared to the Wet Bulb Depression (dry bulb temp minus wet bulb temp). This rating is the "Evaporative Effectiveness" or "Evaporative Efficiency" of the cooler.

In the continental United States, the average wet bulb temperature on hot summer days ranges between 70°F and 80°F. Evaporative cooling media pads can cool outside air to within a few degrees of the wet bulb temperature.

Titan Air: Illustration of 88% Effective Evaporative Cooler


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Evaporative Cooling

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