Custom Equipment


Titan Air's line of Custom Equipment is designed for commercial and industrial applications with custom designs, options, and controls available to meet your requirements. If you have an applications where off-the-shelf just will not cut it, give us a call and we can custom design equipment to fit your requirements.


Industrial Energy Recovery Systems by Titan
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Custom Flexibility

Allen Bradley Industrial Style PLC from Titan

Titan Air has the knowledge and experience to design and build equipment to meet your unique requirements. From multi-split units for tight installation clearances to vertical DX cooling units, we can work with you from the ground up to provide equipment that will efficiently perform to your unique situation.

Titan Air has vast experience in designing and manufacturing custom equipment for countless applications. Titan Air's sales staff and engineering department are very experienced with custom designed equipment utilizing the following heating methods:

Quality products & Engineering

Our focus is designing energy efficient, long lasting, and high performance equipment. The high quality components, construction materials, and serviceable designs we use ensure our customers that they are getting engineered value in their products.

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Contact one of our sales engineers and we will work with you to custom design our equipment to fit your exact requirements. or 715-597-2050

Titan Air is continuously improving their product lines, therefore all dimensions are subject to change without notice. Contact the factory for construction purpose drawings.