Initial Startup Information

Startup Procedures & Information


Titan Air requires the completion of a Start-Up Check Sheet in order for the product warranty to remain valid. See product warranty page for more information regarding timeline requirements.



Start-Up Check Sheets by Unit Type

These warranty start-up checklists are general in nature. Every attempt should be made to use the warranty sheet that ships with the equipment to ensure that the correct document is selected. Highly custom equipment will have a custom warranty start-up sheet. Warranty start-up sheets shipped with the equipment are printed on yellow cardstock.








Titan Factory Personnel Start-Up Service


Titan Air's Start-Up Preparation Check List, is the list that needs to be completed, filled out, and returned prior to the arrival of Titan's Authorized Personnel.




Start-Up Procedures for Standard Controllers

Information to assist in the start-up of a Titan Air Unit. These procedures are general in nature. With many custom units and custom control systems available, start-up technicians should utilize the procedure in the Operating and Service Manual for a specific serial numbered unit. Manuals are shipped with the equipment and are available in electronic PDF version from the sales representative.