Titan Air Case Studies - HVAC Equipment

Titan Air is currently in the process of creating case studies that represent a variety of the equipment we offer ranging from smaller, standard pieces of equipment to larger, custom designed airhandlers.

Energy Recovery - Hotel

The design called for the the introduction of fresh air and exhausted air from each of the 62 rooms and 18 suites and well as providing ventilation to each of the common areas.


By ducting exhaust air from each room through a Titan ERV unit which in turn, preconditioned the supply air to a Packaged Make-Up Air unit, the building system was able to recapture the available energy normally lost through the exhaust process..

Manufacturing Facility Expansion

After two major robotic truck chassis welding production lines were added to one of their manufacturing plants using containment curtains (in lieu of local exhaust), the building exhaust now exceeded the air that the existing makeup air units were able to provide.

An assessment of their current HVAC systems in a plant that manufactures truck chassis was completed. There are 4 main areas to this plant (over and above the adjoining original building). They are...